20th SketchCrawl in Berlin

This Saturday I had my first SketchCrawl – a drawing marathon founded by Enrico Casarosa which is carrying on by people all over the world now. It’s a day of sketching and walking around the city in a good company and sharing the sketches and impressions afterwards off- and online.

I feel like on the next Sketchcrawl (in January) it will be more crowded in Berlin;) This time I was cold and tired but I could not stop drawing.

a short warm up near to the place I’m living:

Ostkeuz Bahnhof (I tried my new sketchbook, I found this paper is too soft and dark for pencil)

Some construction works on Gipsstrasse:

an entrance to the Alter Europa restaurant on Gipsstrasse

While I was waiting for pumpkin soup I’ve noticed my childhood’s dream – a typewriter – in the far corner. There are such strange dreams in the childhood.

An organ-gringer on Grosse Hamburger strasse. As I was surrounded by patriotic sounds I kept it short:

On Hackesher Markt I was attacked by the huge bubbles (see another Berlin sketchcrawler’s blog for the picture of bubbles)


5 responses to “20th SketchCrawl in Berlin

  1. Oh wow, thanks for the link! You edited these… it’s nice to have another little bit of information added to your adventures here on the sketch crawl. I’m looking forward to the next one! :]

  2. I especially like the tree with the bike on it. It captures my favorite part of autumn when the leaves are only beginning to fall, and you can see many different colors and shapes on tree!

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