cafe sketches

Hm, this two sketches are from cafe de Paris, a bit touristic but still a very warm place on Kollwitzplatz in Berlin. The first one – right before flight to india, the second – last weekend, after coming back. It was so sunny weekend!

There was something strange about this group. Whole cafee place atwas busy but people stayed very quiet. Suddenly one of them started walk around the tables (that’s only how I got they all know each other) and smiles and joy visited their faces. They were a long time happily saying goodbye to one another.

Cafe Ekstein and it’s habituérs (as far I know, all the tree times I have been there I saw tree of them)


5 responses to “cafe sketches

  1. thank you, shea.
    I live in Berlin and I’ve made the 2nd sketch this weekend and the last one yesterday. All the places looked pretty busy and alive:)

  2. Hi very active in drawing everywhere you go.
    This week end I’ll come to Berlin and I wanna go to see the Cafe you sketched and check if those people are still there….

  3. Hi, wilkommen, Shanghailady!
    I live close by, so probably this weekend will sketch there too:]

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