sketches from India

I made lots of them first days – as I needed time for the adaptation to the Sun and ocean. I had no romantic veil on trip to India so I listened wary the stories of others visitors. Basically about the mileage.

And only few of lonely travelers seemed really wanted to say alone

like only few from the crowd of people looking at the ocean and sunset were swimming

I have seen also another way of fishing in Allapuzha: two guys run on the beach with a net in their hands trying to place it under the wave. Sometimes fish stays in the net but usually it just cockleshells which fishermen leave on the sand (no escargo). It required 4people with two nets and 2 people who were holding huge bucket with two 10-cent. fishes that were caught in 20 minutes. All the participants looked completely happy.

On the last one – a toilet with a plate “No diving”.


3 responses to “sketches from India

  1. Once again, you don’t fail to fascinate me with your sketches abroad. I like the little bits of story to the drawings and I really like your use of colour and line to dictate what you saw. Thanks for sharing!

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