bookstore/metro sketches

2009-02-01_dogThere is a tiny store with a big choice of books on English on Wörther str.
Remembering Jen’s sketching experience in the bookstore I tried it too.

It was interesting to recognize one of the girls trough my hand. Drawing her recalled that I already did it.


4 responses to “bookstore/metro sketches

  1. Hey cool, thanks for the link! I’m glad you had fun at the bookstore too, your sketches are great too!
    I also like the feeling to recognise people I’ve drawn on the train before. Makes you realise that the world isn’t so big after all. At least the strangers don’t feel like strangers anymore if you see them more than once.

  2. я думаю если б ты еще начала разукрашивать, вообще бы классно было,даже наверное наброски акварелью уже бы были по-новому хороши

  3. I’d like to make sketches with watercolors, but I did not find yet how I could do it on spot, usually coloring sketches later not so interesting for me

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