sketches from Andalusia

I did only few sketches during this trip while I was sitting in a cafe close to Nerja’s touristic area – Balcon de Europa, view point on a sea cost. It was very windy and leaves from my salad were dancing in the air

There are lots of thirsty cats on the beach


2 responses to “sketches from Andalusia

  1. есть классные фломастеры они не оставляют полосок,а то мне приходилось рисовать сначала фломастером а потом цветным карандашем закрашивать полоски

  2. Lovely! I always like the stories you tell to go with the drawings. Sorry I haven’t gotten around to answering your last comment on my blog – I’ve been pretty busy at work and moving house. Things are getting better and the days are getting longer – now if only they’d get warmer too! I’d love to do a crawl again, who knows if it’ll be before the 11th though… :)
    I really like how you rendered the last sketch here.

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