sketching in Kreuzberg area, Berlin

I’ve just moved and discover the area around new place though sketching


5 responses to “sketching in Kreuzberg area, Berlin

  1. your trees are genius, the whole art is beautiful, i have tried to draw during the lessons but the results are not good enough to show them to anybody

  2. Don’t be so hard to yourself! The fact is that all sketches ARE different and besides how do you estimate them, your sketches also show something. It’s always interesting for me to see why somebody decided to sketch this spot, to see what moved him/her to do this. I can say ‘I like’ or ‘I don’t’ when I look at a sketch but it still says more about me.. well, I hope I am not muddling to much, just would like to see your sketches too;)

  3. wow. i love your sketches. wish i had more time to just walk around and sketch … i just moved here too, but unfortunately am too busy at the moment :( berlin is so lovely right now!

  4. I glad you love them… For me sketching is fast; scanning/posting them takes a lot of time I’d like to reduce. I sometimes just skip it.

  5. i will scan my sketches soon, maybe not, just hoping so, i have been trying to sketch during the lessons but the picture does not change day from day, it still the same, i am gonna try to sketch in different places, just like you

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