Hackischer Market SBahn in Berlin.
I made this sketch with an ink pen while waiting for the rest of the group and colored later with a brush pen and colored pencils. I like old Sbahn stations and wanted to sketch one for a long time.

Bodemuseum is another one on the Museum island in Berlin and it presents collected sculptures and Byzantine art.

Hercules and Cacus are on the first sketch. I got interested who Cacus was and what he has done.

Cacus was a fire god in ancient Roman mythology (turned to be a fire-breathing monster later), who lived in a cave in the Aventine Hill in Italy, the future site of Rome.

Amazing details on the next sculpture. I drew small part of it, showing Virbius, the woodland god in  Roman mythology under Diana’s feet. I like the way he is appearing through oak leaves.

Dancing woman:


4 responses to “Bodemuseum

  1. Absolutely exquisite – particularly the sketch at Hackescher Markt. I love your tonal highlights, the sky comes very well on the paper too. :}

  2. Thank you, pedro.
    I am under the impression of sketches in your journal, you have such a good sense of composition!

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