Sketchcrawl 24, Moscow

At first I have made two sketches on the Mayakovskaya subway station. It’s my favourite among the stations of the Moscow subway (frankly, the only one that triggers nice feelings about the subway). It’s full of harmony;  I would like it even without Daineka’s mosaics.

On Bolshaya Sadovaya, near Bulgakov’s house, a huge black cat walked between the cars. Amazing coincidence; maybe he works in Bulgakov’s house (Read ‘Master and Margarita’ for details).

Spiridonovka, 17. The fairytale-like house was built by architect Shehtel for Savva Morozov:

A bit more surrealistic: the house covered by golden curtains on Spiridonovka, 4.  I have no idea what the curtains are for.  I just love Moscow)

Stepan Ryabushinsky’s house.
A staircase in form of a wave and a jelly fish lamp:

That’s what I drew this day.
For more results from this Sketchcrawl, go on the forum, there are works from more than 90 cities.

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4 responses to “Sketchcrawl 24, Moscow

  1. Once again, kudos to your repertoire of sketch crawling. You’re certainly jetting about a lot. Moscow, London… That sketchbook must be full. I love the places you find. You could easily write a book about your travels with a sketchbook.
    All the best!

  2. Thank you Jen,
    London and Barselona were made with Google maps for Virtual paintout, the rest in real.
    I am going to be in Berlin next sketchcrawl, lets sketch together!

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