sketchcrawl #26 in Berlin, part2

Sketchcrawl#26-1 Sketchcrawl#26-6

It’s still quite cold to sketch outside. After we got frozen on Potsdamer platz we went to cafe Oranium.

Cati and Amaia:

Sketchcrawl#26-1 Sketchcrawl#26-2 Sketchcrawl#26-3 Sketchcrawl#26-4 Sketchcrawl#26-5


Sketchcrawl#26-6 Sketchcrawl#26-7


3 responses to “sketchcrawl #26 in Berlin, part2

  1. your sketches are fantastic! I love how you leave part of the image out of the picture. And your line work is great…just the minimal amount needed to give the viewer enough information to know what’s going on. It keeps the focus on the main idea of the sketch.

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