sketchcrawl #27 in Berlin

Rainy Sketch Crawl day.
Josh and people in cafe

In a subway, after meeting with Josh and Rolf at Tierpark under the pouring rain.

We took off at Friedrichschein (a district in Berlin) and got a coffee

Josh’s hands and early hour (that’s for Berlin of course) neighbours in a cafe:
sketching in cafe il barista

sketching cati
I could not really catch her that day… but now I see why:)

Saturday market at Boxhagener platz:
Boxhagener platz

Dog in a subway:
dog in a subway

Neurotitan, a comics’ store in Berlin:
comics store

Berlin’s results

More about sketchcrawl
Next one will happen on July, 31st.


2 responses to “sketchcrawl #27 in Berlin

  1. I love all your drawings but especially the one of Cati. I love the single line quality…so simple but so hard to do well!

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