Marseille and Amsterdam

map Beziers station in a train to Marseille Marseille road

I am back from a watercolor course in France by Simon Fletcher. There are some sketches from that trip and I’ll write about this course later.

The trip there was a complex and long for me. First – flight Berlin-Amsterdam-Marseille, then by train along and another hour by car. I arrived in a storm (that was the complexity), under the black sky, streams of water,  it seemed that the car be washed away, the empty fields with flashes of lightings. As it turned out, there was no rain for a long time. What a scary and amazing trip! The next day I woke up and realized that it was worth it. Amazing nature, an interesting course, wonderful people.


On a railway road along the sea

A man in train:
in a train to Marseille

Beziers railway station:
Beziers station

I was blinded by the sun in Marseille. I had few hours until my next connection and just scrolled in a city taking pictures. In a cafe next to flower market I saw this guy with two cats.


The address of the cafe made me feel creepy all over. Stalingrad square

My return flight was delayed and I stayed one night in Amsterdam.
Amsterdam 2010-09-12
Rainy, cold, clean Amsterdam – what a contrast to Marseille.
Amsterdam 2010-09-12

Amsterdam 2010-09-12
While I was forming stereotypes in Amsterdam’s airport I forgot my folder with drawings. Fortunatly it was found and was mailed to me. A good thing about structure and order.


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