Cafe Anna Blume, meeting Laura and Rolf

Sketching together with Laura Frankstone (North Carolina) and Rolf
(Berlin) at a cafe Anne Blume in Prenzlaurer Berg.

2011-03-04 #1
There is a big drawing à la Alfons Mucha at a flower shop

Laure is visiting Berlin and her daughter Cecelia was also sketching with us.

2011-03-04 #2
Cecelia, Rolf

Laura 2011-03-04 #3

I should say I did not had a feeling I am capturing Laura.
Take a look at Rolf’s and Laura’s drawings they made that lovely evening.


7 responses to “Cafe Anna Blume, meeting Laura and Rolf

  1. Olga, these are wonderful and they bring back such nice memories! I just posted my drawings from that night on my blog—I have one more of you to post but I will wait ’til my next set. I hope to be back in Berlin in June and to be able to sketch with you again!

  2. Wow! I immediately recognized Laura, and I can see Cecilia, from photos I’ve seen of her, too. These are lovely! That lighting fixture and the room are also beautiful. Your work is great!

  3. Thank you for the interest Thea! Yes, I do sell my work. Did you mean any particular drawing? Please write to olkazavr at gmail dot com if you’d like to purchase something.

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