Jun Pei Cui carving a seal


The first weekend of March we were scrolling in SF and passed by the Asian Art museum. On urbansketchers I have read a story how Suhita where sketching  Jun Pei Cui. He is a master seal maker and he works every weekend at his table near the store at the Asian Art Museum. The seal is a stamp bearing person’s name and used as a signature on drawings.

So I knew I might find him there. It took me a while to choose a seal body, then Jun Pei Cui sketched a tiny turtle and my name, first in Chinese, then in English. I looked at the characters and they did not look like my signature at all. So I asked if he could crave a seal on Russian and wrote down my name.  A, тебя зовут Оля! – with a smile on his face answered he on pure Russian. He  said that his teacher studied in Leningrad and we could understand each other better on my mother language then on English.

I sketched him from a distance while he was craving and was amazed how fast he has finished this stamp.

Jun Pei Cui book The Art of the Seal
Suhita’s sketch away blog


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