I printed a few copies of my watercolors.  Take a look on the pictures:

1. A Garden, 40Х50 cm Sold, request for a print – olkazavr at gmail punkt com
a garden


2. A Garden (30Х40 cm framed):
a garden

3. Tiger, 30Х40

4. Elephant, 30Х40

And bykes I painted on site in Berlin:

5. Old Simson byke 50Х40 (with a frame)
old simson byke, schoenhauser alle, berlin

a small one also available (10Х15):
old simson byke

6. And one more, 50Х40 (framed):
simson byke, berlin, auguststrasse

7. 40Х30 (with a frame):
simson byke, berlin, auguststrasse

Prints are available for sale.

All of them printed with archival quality (which does not mean that you ought to start to archive things from nowon; these prints won’t be loosing its colors after just a few years and you may enjoy looking at them at least as long as 75 years) on watercolor paper, available framed or unframed.

If you are interested to get a print, have any questions, don’t hesitate to write me a note on olkazavr at gmail dot com.

You can pick up the pictures in Berlin or Moscow in person. If  this is not where you are, I can also send them via mail.

And I also take comissions. I am open to  diverse projects using watercolors as a medium, if you have one write me on olkazavr at gmail punkt com.


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